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We're reinventing everything for experienced drivers and recent grads alike.

We know you’ll like our new driver support teams, upgraded driver pay, better driver benefits and how we're beefing up hometime options. Ask about our bank the hometime plan that lets you earn strong and be strong for family and having a life. Our new benefits will exceed your expectations. We’re certain of it.

  • • Drive more and bank the hometime
    • 99.8% no-touch freight
    • Modern and well-equipped trucks
    • Comprehensive maintenance program
    • Performance pay bonuses
  • • Top pay after training
    • Medical, dental, prescription & life insurance
    • 401K & employee stock ownership plan
    • Hands down best driver managers there are!

You can also increase your earnings and grow your career by becoming a mentor!

  • 866-541-2053

From HR to Ops to IT to DMs to Maintenance to our new CEO, our whole team is dedicated to you.

We've created performance pay upgrades for driving safe, for being smart about maintenance and being part of the USA family. We have performance bonuses that you actually get to deposit in your lifetime. If you like helping the next generation succeed, we can upgrade you to a trainer and you’ll see a huge jump in pay. We’re the new USA Truck and we support our drivers by a higher standard.

For 30 years, we’ve trained students. We’re proud of that.

Our mission today is to become the hands down best company for Experienced Drivers. We still welcome recent CDL Grads, of course, but it’s a new day at USA Truck. We have a new CEO, a new growth plan, and a ton of new programs, upgrades and support teams all geared for a better driver experience. And we plan to prove it to you!

We know we have to earn your
trust, and your family's.

Call us and ask straight up–what can the new USA Truck do for Experienced Drivers? Put us to the test. Ask how our Driver Managers take care of you. Ask how our IT and HR teams are going full-steam to make resources and benefits the best in the industry. And definitely ask what our new CEO, John Simone, talks about when drivers call him directly. Yes, drivers can call him directly.



Fill out the short form below and a
recruiter will contact you right away.

Any collisions/moving violations in the last 36 mos?