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We’re expanding our elite group of Owner Operators / Independent Contractors, call us now to learn more. Truck leasing options now available! We partner with several companies that offer no money down truck financing, to help get you rolling with your career as an Owner Operator at USA Truck.

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At USA Truck, Owner Operators/Independent Contractors have one of the highest “real” pay packages offered today. And we don’t just hand it out to anyone. We want top-drawer, highly motivated Owner Operators/Independent Contractors. Combined with our driver support, fuel surcharge, and reward programs, you’ll be glad you decided to step up and be counted.

Enjoy stronger earnings, tons more support, and the best team in the industry on your side to keep you growing. Let’s break it down:

  • Single point-of-contact—your Driver Manager manages & schedules all your trips
  • Extended length of haul—as much as 2,000 miles
  • Weekly miles to help your business succeed—we’ll work with you to meet your mileage needs
  • Earn up to $175,000 or more annually—depending on how much you want to drive; before fuel and other expenses
  • Year-round freight—we service over 25% of the Fortune 100 manufacturing companies
  • Average tenure of 3+ years—our Owner Operators/Independent Contractors stick around for a reason
  • Access to all of our terminals and service centers—very competitive labor rates and parts costs
  • Base plates and permits—paid by USA Truck
  • Generous fuel surcharge program—updated weekly
  • Industry leading fuel network discount
  • PeopleNet Satellite Communication System—installed at no cost!

This is an Elite Group. To see if you qualify, call one of our Owner Operator Specialists now, get approved today, and start earning a lot more in as little as one week. It’s that simple.

For more information or to apply, call 866-931-7966

Own Authority?

Click here to find out more about our Plus P Program. As an independent business owner, you’re intimately familiar with the roadblocks that stand between you and profitability. We offer reliability where it matters most: steady pay, freight transit, and 24/7 dispatch and trailer maintenance support. Take advantage of those large-carrier benefits without sacrificing your independence or leadership!

Upgraded Pay

We’ve upgraded our pay for Owner Operators/Independent Contractors. Now you can earn up to .98 cents per mile plus Fuel Surcharge on all dispatches. Since 1/1/13, our fuel cost has averaged $0.34/gallon below the DOE National Average price of diesel. On a weekly basis, the minimum savings was $0.25/gallon, and the maximum savings was $0.47/gallon. The National Average represents the average retail price of all truck stops across the country, and is representative of what an Owner Operators/Independent Contractors would pay for fuel on their own. With us, you’ll also receive a free PeopleNet installation and we’ll cover your base plate permits and registration.


With our roster of clients, you can be sure that the flow of freight will be consistent and easy to handle. You’ll be running 99.8% no-touch freight for many popular, household names. In case of touch freight, USA Truck will pay for approved lumpers.

We believe that Owner Operators/Independent Contractors and driver managers need to have excellent personal relationships. If they know what you want, they can give you the miles that you need. You can expect to run between 2,600 to 3,000 miles per week.

Build Your Future

Here at USA Truck, we want Owner Operators/Independent Contractors to feel like they’re part of this family. We’ve upgraded our programs and pay packages to let you know we’re here for the long haul.

By partnering with us you’ll get more miles and have opportunities for dedicated runs, but most importantly we’ll learn to trust each other.

High turnover is too common in the trucking industry and that’s true for ICs too. We want to develop a culture that’s different from other trucking companies. We want to build a legacy and add to our history. We want to give meaning back to the word ‘family’. If you put your faith in us, then we can build a partnership to be proud of.

Own Authority? Call 866-410-2384 to find out more about our Plus P Program or send us an Email

Here at USA Truck, we offer an excellent Lease Purchase Program at terrific value. Call now to speak with a recruiter and learn everything you need to know.

Pay & Benefits

$1.17 All Loaded Miles

0.98 cpm PLUS 0.18 FSC
(effective 10/05/15-10/11/15 — Subject to change)

  • Weekly Settlements direct deposited, loaded onto your ComData card, or mailed to your home
  • $30 Extra Stop Pay for each stop in transit excluding initial pickup and final delivery
  • Company provided fuel card
  • Toll Tickets-Authorized toll tickets paid by USA; EZ pass & Pike Pass Provided by USA
  • License and Permits Provided at no charge
  • PeopleNet Satellite installed at no cost
  • Insurance available through a company-sponsored program:
    • Occupational Collision $25.38/Week
    • Non-Trucking Bobtail $6.46/week
    • Physical Damage
    • Cargo and Liability-Company covers cost when underload
  • Own Authority? Call 866-410-2384 to find out more about our Plus P Program or send us an Email



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