6 benefits of traveling with pets

Post Date - Aug 29, 2022

Many truck drivers enjoy being on their own while they drive and the feeling of freedom the open road brings. But for those who want a buddy along to share the ride, taking your furry bestie on the road with you is a great way to have some companionship. While not every trucking company allows pets to ride along, there are several who do (including USA Truck!) because we recognize there are many benefits of pet ownership for truckers:

1. Pets can improve a trucker’s health

Many studies have linked health benefits to pet ownership in general and those benefits ring true for truck drivers, too. Dog owners tend to get in more physical activity than non-dog owners because you’re spending time taking regular walks with your dog. Some studies have also shown that a cat purring in your lap or as you pat it lowers stress hormones. Pet ownership has also been linked to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improved immune system and reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Owning pets can be better for your mood

Owning a pet is known to raise your dopamine and serotonin levels. These are chemicals in your brain that contribute to your good mood and make you feel relaxed. Studies have shown that pet owners have a lower risk of depression. Trucking can be a high stress job and the lifestyle sometimes contributes to feelings of loneliness or being depressed, so having a pet along can help a lot.

3. Pets can help keep you safe

Having a pet in your truck, especially a dog, may help you feel safer on the road. Dogs can detect things though sound and smell that humans can’t and they’re able to alert you to possible danger. Their bark is also a good deterrent against intruders. If you’re a solo driver, having a pet can give you a greater sense of security.

4. Bringing a pet in your truck can provide structure for your day

Pets have needs during the day that require planning and regular stops. If your pet is riding along in your truck, you’ll need to make sure to stop for feeding times, to take them for walks and give them the opportunity to relieve themselves. These regular stops are beneficial to drivers because it breaks up the monotony of the drive. You’ll get regular fresh air, a chance to stretch your legs and refocus for the next part of the drive.

5. Pets make good truck driver companions.

When you’re a trucker, you can go days and sometimes weeks without significant human interaction. Even if you’re someone who prefers to keep to themselves, we all have a need to feel connected to others in some way. Petting, talking to and snuggling with your dog or cat can fill that need you have while you’re on the road.

6. Pet ownership is a great conversation starter.

Get to know other pet owners as you walk your dog at truck stops or at your company’s facilities. Finding common ground over your pets is a great way to start a conversation. We all love to talk about our pets and show them off.

At USA Truck, our Pet Pass allows our drivers to travel with their beloved dog or cat. There is a $500 non-refundable pet fee, which is payable with $250 down and $25 per week until fully funded. We require pet vaccination records to be on file with our Safety Department and kept in your truck at all times.

For more questions about our pet policy or about joining the USA Truck team, give us a call today!