Driver Career Path at USA Truck

Post Date - Nov 11, 2022

The opportunities for growth at USA Truck are endless! We have a reliable career pathway for everyone, in any stage of their truck driving career. If you’re a recent CDL graduate, military veteran, or an experienced driver, we have a specialized route to your personal success.

Recent CDL Graduates

First off, congratulations! You’ve chosen a sustainable career field with top pay and great benefits. It’s a great time to enter the field with ample opportunities for success. And at USA Truck, we have formula for success made just for you.

We offer a 4-week USAT Finishing Program with tuition reimbursement up to $5,000. Or, if gaining experience with another carrier is more sustainable, no problem. If you choose this option, USA Truck requires 6 months of finishing any outstanding contracts and gaining experience. Once you’ve completed either of these options, you’re ready for our 3-day paid orientation where you’ll learn about USA Truck and prepare to get behind the wheel. After that, you’re ready for paid on-the-job training where you’ll earn $85/a day. If you already have accrued hours behind the wheel in the past 6 months, we have options to shorten your training hours requirements.

Now you’re ready to become a USA Truck company driver in our solo, team, or dedicated divisions. All these divisions allow for pathways that end in exploring other company driver roles, office positions, or ownership paths. Getting there is a bit different for each division, so let’s dive into the differences.

Driving Divisions

If you drive solo you can choose from on-the-road or regional routes, whichever best suits your lifestyle. There are pathways to be a trainer, or a coach, which can lead you into a Million Mile Driver designation, being a member of our Driver Advisory Board, or being involved on our Driver Competition Team. In turn, these all create the ability to explore other roles within the company or truck ownership.

There is also the option for self-dispatch for our solo drivers. Drive Your Plan is a USA Truck self-dispatch system and mobile app. Drivers can see available loads in specific markets, plan their own weeks, take the routes they want to take, and be back home when they want to be home.

Our team division is exclusively over-the-road routes. This division has direct pathways into the Million Mile Driver designation, being a member of our Driver Advisory Board, or being involved on our Driver Competition Team.

Our dedicated division presents the opportunity to be a dedicated trainer or apart of the Elite Service Team. Both of these options feed into the Million Mile Driver designation, being a member of our Driver Advisory Board, or being involved on our Driver Competition Team.

Military Transition Pathway

USA Truck is dedicated to being a work environment where active-duty and former military CDL-A truck drivers can thrive. We are committed to hiring and supporting U.S. military veterans in their truck driving careers. More than 20% of our employees are veterans and we actively work with truck drivers who are currently in the National Guard and Reserve. We’ve created a military-friendly culture and policies and even recognize your service on your truck.

Getting on the road depends on your level of truck driving experience. If you’ve just earned your CDL, you’ll follow the same pathways as recent CDL graduates. If you’re an experienced truck driver looking for a carrier with more opportunities, USA Truck is the place to be! We have several ways for you to grow professionally and personally and achieve new levels of success.

Experienced Drivers

USA Truck has pathway for success suited specifically to truck drivers with years of experience. We recognize the hard work you’ve already put in and want to help you get to the next level and achieve your goals.

We’ve created a direct pathway to truck ownership for our experienced drivers. This is the pathway for seasoned drivers who want to explore their own authority while overseeing independent success. We can put you on the road to ownership as either an owner operator or a lease purchase operator. As an owner operator you can rack up the milage, add additional trucks and explore your own authority. As a lease purchase operator, you can grow your percentage load board, add drivers, and then explore your own authority.

After you’ve grown driving as an owner operator or lease purchase operator, USA Truck can support you in your path to operating small fleets!

USA Truck wants to see you thrive. Want to learn more about our career pathways for a truck driver at any stage of their career? Reach out today!