Earn More As A USA Truck Driver Trainer

Post Date - Nov 23, 2020

Have you ever thought about becoming a mentor to other drivers or passing on your knowledge and experiences to people just starting their driving careers? As a driver trainer, not only are you able to significantly increase your income, but you’re also able to help shape the future of the trucking industry by ensuring the next generation of truck drivers is well trained.

At USA Truck, we’re proud to have a solid driver training program that pairs experienced trainers with promising students. We offer a multi-layered compensation program in order to reward our trainers as much as possible. This compensation plan includes:

Base + Training pay

Our driver trainers receive an additional $0.04 per mile on top of their base pay any time a student is on the truck. This applies to all miles, whether your truck is driven by yourself or your student.

Productivity pay

USA Truck trainers are eligible for productivity pay based on all miles driven by yourself or your student each week. Earn anywhere from $0.02 to $0.11 per mile on our sliding scale.

Student retention pay

We believe that a successful student/trainer relationship can really set up student drivers for a successful career. Many of our trainers make themselves available to their students for questions and support even after their training is completed. This is why we see the importance of giving our trainers a student retention pay. Our trainers are paid $0.01 for every loaded mile their students complete throughout their first 12 months of solo driving. This is paid out quarterly and requires continued employment for both student and trainer.

Interested in learning more about becoming a driver trainer at USA Truck? Contact one of our recruiters to learn more about the qualifications.