Get Kids Excited About Life On The Road With USA Truck’s Traveling Teammate Project!

Post Date - Mar 7, 2022

USA Truck is announcing a new, fun, and engaging project that will get you and your families excited and involved in your life on the road.

Introducing USA Truck Traveling Teammate
USA Truck will be distributing a paper doll outline – your Traveling Teammate. Ask one of the little ones in your life to decorate your teammate with crayons, colored pencils, sparkles, yarn – whatever they like! Some may like to glue the paper doll to a popsicle stick, cardboard or paddle or even cover in adhesive plastic (lamination) to make it a bit more durable. Lastly, ask your little helper to give the teammate a name. Once it’s ready, your Traveling Teammate is ready to take with you on the road.

How it works
On the road, you’ll find places and spaces to take photos of your teammate as you provide the important work of moving freight across the nation.
Near a historical marker with room to pull off? Snap a shot with your Traveling Teammate on the sign. Find a place to park with a spectacular sunset to view? Set up your Traveling Teammate for a photo. Delivering a load to a happy customer? Get a picture of you and your teammate at the stop.

Fun and educational to share
Wherever you can take a photo of your Traveling Teammate on the road, make note of where you are and what is happening in the picture. Share the photos on social media with captions to explain the shot or show them to the little one who helped you create your teammate when you’re back home.

Spreading the word
This is one of the ways USA Truck is hoping to show how important your job is and the wonderful things you get to see each week. Helping young people see what’s possible in a trucking career means future truck drivers to carry on your essential work.
The most important part is you! Take engaging and interesting photos and share these pictures with us. We invite you to volunteer to give your testimonial on how this project is going or how it has connected your work and your family.

If you’re interested in taking part in the Traveling Teammate project, please contact us at for all the details.