How To Get More Miles (And Pay!) With USA Truck

Post Date - Aug 30, 2020

Truck drivers know a thing or two about hard work! We see you - working long hours behind the wheel, making sure products get delivered safely and on time. At USA Truck, we’re proud to offer our drivers a productivity pay program. So all those extra trips you pick up? Not only will you make your cents per mile for those extra miles, you’ll also get productivity pay on top of it. Here’s how it works:

USA Truck drivers earn anywhere from 46-52 cents per mile, depending on region and how many years of verifiable experience they have at the time of hire. When a driver runs more than 2,000 miles in a week, they are eligible for our productivity pay. This is paid out on top of the mileage pay they’re already getting.

By opting into additional assignments, our drivers average around 2,100-2,700 weekly. The productivity bonus starts at 2,001 miles and increases with the number of miles:

  • 2,001 - 2,200 miles - 2 cents per mile
  • 2,201 - 2,400 miles - 3 cents per mile
  • 2,401 - 2,600 miles - 4 cents per mile
  • 2,601 - 2,800 miles - 5 cents per mile
  • 2,801+ miles - 6 cents per mile

Team drivers earn up to 55 cents per mile depending on experience and an additional 2.5-3.5 cents per mile with the productivity pay.

Accessing our productivity pay isn’t the only way USA Truck drivers can bring home more money. We provide several opportunities to compensate drivers. For instance, drivers who operate a manual truck earn an additional 3 cents per mile and any driver that meets monthly idle and fuel goals can earn an extra 1 cent per mile. Driver trainers receive 4 cents per mile when they have a student on the truck and a student retention pay of 1 cent per mile each loaded mile their students complete during their first 12 months. All drivers are eligible for our loyalty bonus, which ranges from $1,000-5,000 based on their continued years of service with USA Truck and is paid out in December.

Our accessorial pay is another way that USA Truck drivers can add to their paychecks. These include:

  • Detention pay: paid at $16/hour after two hours with on-time arrival
  • Short haul pay: $25 plus mileage on loads 100 miles or less
  • Stop pay: $30 per extra revenue stop
  • Unload/assist pay: $15/hour or $30/hour for tires
  • NYC pay: $100 per dispatch
  • Breakdown pay: $75 per driver for each 24-hour period
  • Layover pay: $75 per driver for each 24-hour period after the first 24 hours
  • Hazmat pay: additional 3 cents per loaded mile
  • Driver referral bonus: $4,000 paid out in increments during the first six months of the new hire’s employment, provided that both parties are still active USA Truck drivers

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