Long-Haul Drivers: Make The Most Of Your Time On The Road To Reduce Worry, Fatigue And Boredom

Post Date - Apr 30, 2020

More than ever before, the country has woken up to the crucial role truck drivers play in the supply chain. Many of you have been putting in lots of extra time to make sure loads are delivered, shelves are stocked and important supplies are received. Along with the rest of the world, we want to thank you for your dedication to getting the job done. You are special people doing an essential job and it is not going by unnoticed!

Since many of you are finding yourself taking on extra loads or additional runs, we know you’re facing concerns about COVID-19, reduced services on the road and other challenges. Here are just a few things to keep your mind engaged and your anxiety contained during this uncertain time. USA Truck encourages all of you to find safe and distraction-free methods to prevent, worry, fatigue and boredom on and off the road.

First, even though the world seems to be turned upside down, make sure you’re getting the appropriate amount of sleep as it is key to your health and safety. But here are suggestions for other ways to stay entertained away from home.

Take exercise breaks
We’ve all heard how critical exercise is for physical and mental health; however, on the road it can be hard to find the time and place. Make it a habit to take a lap (or 2 or 3!) around rest areas or truck stops when you can and where you feel safe. There’s usually plenty of space and you’ll find stretching your legs and getting some fresh air will help refresh your mind. Exercises such as jumping jacks, lunges, mountain climbers, squats, burpees and other in-place movements can get your blood pumping without needing a large area. Wherever you stop, be sure to wash up if you can or use sanitizing gels or wipes for your hands!

Listen to podcasts
There are so many great educational and entertaining podcasts out there, you’re sure to find one you like. You’ll find podcasts for business, health and fitness, trivia, sports, news, comedy and more ready to keep you company on the road. Also, you can find trucking-specific podcasts such as Trucker Dump (a humorous (and real) take of life on the road), America’s Truckin’ Network through iHeartRadio and many others.

Stay entertained
Of course, reading, writing or participating in some sort of hobby are always good options. Working sudoku puzzles, crosswords or other mind-stimulating games can be fun or if you just want to chill out, movie time is great. Many truck drivers bring DVD and Blu-ray discs or stream movies from services like Netflix or Amazon. The Internet gives you almost unlimited access to video and television on demand.

Play online games
If you have a solid WiFi connection, many truck drivers enjoy online gaming. This can be a fun way to pass the time while staying connected with other game players on the web. Just don’t stay up all night playing! Some popular games include Real Steel, Pool Master Pro and Pinball.

Take up photography and share
Truck drivers have a great perspective on this beautiful country of ours and cell phones today have more sophisticated cameras than ever. When you see a picturesque view, document your journey and share it on the USA Truck Facebook page or other site. Others will appreciate your view!

Find a new hobby
Fight boredom and challenge yourself by beginning a new hobby. Many truck drivers have taken up hobbies such as learning a new language, playing an instrument, knitting, drawing, etc. Whatever catches your attention, take the opportunity to challenge yourself!

How do you keep yourself busy on the road? Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know! Or better yet, share a photo with your friends here at USA Truck. Whatever you decide to do, stay safe and healthy out there!