USA Truck celebrates International Women’s Day

Post Date - Mar 8, 2023

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women and their accomplishments. This year, USA Truck is taking a look back on what women in trucking have done throughout the years. We’re so grateful for the team of women we have here at USA Truck – Happy International Women’s Day!

A look back

Despite the historic trend of more men being professional truck drivers, women have been hauling rigs since the early 1900’s. Luella Bates is considered to be one of the first licensed truck drivers in America. In 1920, she was sent on three transcontinental tours throughout the United States. Her efforts introduced the perspective that women were just as capable in the driver’s seat as men. This made room for other women, like Lillie Elizabeth Drennan, to join the industry. Lillie was the first woman to receive a commercial driver’s license in Texas, making her one of the first women to ever receive this type of license. She went on to own Drennan Truck Line, which she grew into a flourishing company.

However, the journey for women to get behind the wheel started decades before Luella and Lillie’s time. Mary Fields, a Black American born into slavery, was freed in 1865 following the ratification of the 13th Amendment. Mary then joined the U.S. postal service – making her the second woman to be hired and the first African American woman. At 60 years old, she drove her team of six horses (and one mule which she named Moses). Mary paved the way for women like Luella and Lillie – and together, they created a space for women in trucking today!

By the numbers

In 2007, USA Truck joined a non-profit, Women in Trucking, to encourage women in the truck driving industry. The non-profit celebrates their successes and provides support for any challenges they may face. As of 2023, 7% of CDL-A truck drivers in America are women. USA Truck leads the truck driving industry in creating a culture where women truck drivers feel safe, heard, and appreciated. We are proud to have 13.6% female drivers on our team and every day, we work hard to increase that number.

Women lead the way

Women truck drivers are invaluable at trucking companies. Their historically low turnover rates and statistically high safety performances, including getting involved in fewer accidents and driving at appropriate speeds, makes them top contenders for truck driving positions. And their talent in the industry extends far beyond the drivers’ seat When completing the paperwork that comes with dropping and picking up loads, women generally pay greater attention to detail and make fewer mistakes. Trucking companies, with USA Truck leading the way, are constantly adapting their cultures to make women more comfortable both on and off the clock.

Bright futures behind the wheel

The opportunities and advantages for women at USA Truck have never been brighter. With flexible schedules that adapt to your lifestyle, we make sure you get both the miles and home time you need. Our regional drivers can choose to be home weekly with a 34 hour reset or drive between 10 and 14 days, with one day off every seven days. Our team drivers have the opportunity to be home for a maximum of five days in a row, averaging 1.5 days at home every week. All of our route types come alongside competitive pay so that you can provide for your family while you’re out on the road. For even more security, our dedicated drivers receive weekly paychecks, getting you your earnings as quickly as possible.

USA Truck is dedicated to creating a positive driver experience for every CDL-A driver. Feel like your carrier could be doing more? Connect with us today to learn more about our amazing driver opportunities!