USA Truck Driver’s Earn More with Retention Loyalty Bonus

Post Date - Oct 29, 2020

USA Truck Driver’s Earn More with Retention Loyalty Bonus

At USA Truck, we have worked hard to create a great place to work and provide you, our Drivers, with a great experience. It’s not just about the bottom line for us. Instead, we choose to prioritize people and our values; Safety, Commitment, Teamwork, Accountability and Trust. One of the ways we invest in you is through our Retention Loyalty Bonus program. This is our way of rewarding those of you who choose USA Truck for long-term careers. If you complete 20 years of service at USA Truck, you will have earned $53,000 in Retention Loyalty Bonuses over the life of your career.

Our retention loyalty bonus is available to all drivers who have completed 24 months of service at USA Truck. The amount of the bonus is based on their continued years of service here at USA Truck in amounts ranging from $1,000-$5,000 each year. This amount increases over the years that a driver continues to work at USA Truck. For instance, a driver who has been here for 10 years will receive a $2,500 bonus while a driver with over 20 years with us will receive the maximum bonus of $5,000.

Bonuses will be paid the Friday before Christmas this year to give an added boost to holiday shopping! Drivers must have no preventable collisions in order to earn the loyalty bonus.

Loyalty Bonus Plan
Year 1 or lessN/A
Year 2$1,000.000
Year 3$1,500.000
Year 4$1,500.000
Year 5$2,000.000
Year 6$2,000.000
Year 7$2,000.000
Year 8$2,000.000
Year 9$2,000.000
Year 10$2,500.000
Years 11-14$3,000.000
Year 15-19$3,500.000
Years 20+$5,000.000

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