USA Truck to attend Veteran-Ready Summit

Post Date - Nov 23, 2022

USA Truck’s veteran leadership team will be visiting Washington D.C. next month for the Veteran-Ready Summit! They’ll participate in the Summit, the ESGR Statement of Support signing ceremony to honor the men and women of the U.S. National Guard and Reserve and the Wreaths across America event.

The Veteran-Ready Summit is an event for industry leaders to learn techniques to foster a supportive work culture for those who have served in our armed forces. USA Truck is honored to be a Keynote Sponsor of this event. It will feature cross-industry and workforce development experts who will give the USA Truck veteran leadership team best practices for taking USA Truck from “military-friendly” to “veteran-ready.”

Military service veterans are exceptional employees who have perfected their skills in leadership, decision-making, prioritizing safety, teamwork, and dependability through years of dedicated service. Fine-tuning USA Truck’s recruiting efforts to finding, hiring, and retaining veterans is a company-wide mission – and it’s why we’re attending the Veteran-Ready Summit.

Our veteran leadership team will spend two full days listening to speakers who can provide attainable and effective ways to positively impact our military hiring programs. The team will bring this back to USA Truck where we can start building a work environment that veterans can feel right at home in.

Following the Veteran-Ready Summit, our team will honor veterans in the ESGR Statement of Support signing ceremony and the wreath laying event through Wreaths Across America.

The signing ceremony will take place outside of Arlington National Cemetery and will be a tangible way for USA Truck to show their dedicated support to active and former military service members. The Statement of Support is an affirmation of our support for those in the National Guard and Reserve and reflects our place in the industry as a First Responder in veteran employment.

Wreaths Across America is an annual event that takes place at Arlington National Cemetery, and 3,400 additional locations across the United States. The USA Truck veteran leadership team will be there to further the event’s mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach. USA Truck is committed to remembering veterans who have given their lives in the fight for our country’s freedom, and we are honored to be part of the ceremony.

USA Truck is dedicated to creating a supportive work environment for U.S. veterans. We are excited to send our veteran leadership team to D.C. to learn more about increasing our efforts to hire veterans, further commit ourselves to being a veteran ready company, and honoring our service members.

Are you a veteran looking for a carrier that is committed to supporting you and your goals? Consider joining USA Truck – learn more about our opportunities today!