When You’re Driving For USA Truck, Your Pets Are Family!

Post Date - Jul 23, 2021

At USA Truck, we know that your pets are family. So, we take great pride in being a uniquely pet-friendly company.

Studies have shown that people with animal companions often have lower stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and lower triglyceride levels. And in our experience, they give drivers more opportunities to be physically active, take necessary breaks and spend more time outside.

Not to mention, bringing a dog or cat with you can ease feelings of loneliness and make your workday a little more fun. That’s why we are now offering a generous pet policy and pet insurance to keep our drivers, and their furry family members, happy and healthy.

We have partnered with Pet Benefit Solutions to offer affordable plans on our drivers’ pet care needs. Our Total Pet Plan costs $11.75 per month for one pet or $18.50 per month for a family plan and includes:

  • Members-only discounts on prescriptions, preventatives, food, toys, treats and more
  • A 25% discount on in-house medical services at participating veterinarians
  • 24/7 access to real-time support from veterinary experts, even when your vet’s office is closed
  • ThePetTag, to increase the chances of your cat or dog returning home safe and sound if they were to go missing

Our drivers can obtain a USA Truck Pet Pass to bring one non-aggressive dog or cat under 50 lbs with them on the road. Drivers who are interesting in joining USA Truck and bringing their pet as a copilot may reach out to USA Truck for other Pet Pass guidelines. Reach out to Pet Benefit Solutions at (800) 891-2565 or customercare@petbenefits.com with any questions about the plan offerings.

“Some professional drivers really benefit from the companionship of a beloved dog or cat while on the road,” Vice President of Safety and Recruiting Billy Cartright said. “It’s one way for them to experience some of the comforts of home, and as part of our ongoing mission to exceed expectations, we are pleased to provide that option.”

In addition to our pet policy, USA Truck offers many unique advantages including a loyalty bonus, trainer opportunities, rider policies, retirement planning, employee assistance programs and more. Interested in how USA Truck can help boost your driving career? Reach out today!